This is you and me and everyone else. Priceless. humanpie Pie for breakfast? Anytime is a good time for pie. Blueberry, to go with the pancakes. wefinisheachotherssandwiches We really do finish each other's....sandwiches. Fetishized bears. Kissing. Sheeple.

Ginseng holding it all together.

When you wake up and the only thing you can manage to do is pour yourself a drink A truly refined pallet consists of re-fried beans, eaten straight out of the can Sometimes the quickest way down the river is on a raft Socializing with those unlike ourselves can give us a new perspective on life I was cold. For sport, when no one is looking... There are things that we will never understand about the way the universe works Love is something I may never fully comprehend, but kissing is something I can get down with. It certainly is one of life's greatest activities. fullsizerender-46 Use your words. Rats with hooves